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What is happening in Eazzville?

In the Eazzville town there live adorable town dwellers. And then an unforeseen circumstance happened. A thief broke into in of the town tailor shop and destroyed all the material necessary for making blankets and clothes. The 6 Eazzville friends must help each other to come up with the solution for making the blankets with a new material to overcome the upcoming winter. And that was the origin of Eazzie Gang. Explore their adventurous stories and bonded friendship on the blog now!

карта Иззвилл



Pol is the mayor of Eazzville town! He is so generous and has an optimistic mind that the people love him so much. When anyone has problems, Pol always dedicate his fullest effort to help them out. Also, he is so against to anything that creates pollution.



Lily is the town science teacher. She is very omniscient and has high willingness to help people who are struggling. With her board and deep knowledge of science, she recommended that bottle should be recycled and used as a material to make blankets.


Eddie works as a firefighter in the Eazzville town but he hardly ever go to work. Why? Because he forgot his workplace address and love to hang around by the town’s river. He used to work in the textile company before so he has substantial knowledge in textile production.


Terry is a very talented tailor in town. He has continued the tailor shop business from his father. Most of the products sold by him are blankets and clothes. However, he has to find a new material (Polyester) to make his product after his cotton farm has been destroyed by a thief.


Blankar is the most passionate fashionista in town. As being a girl who always keeps updating the latest trend in the fashion world, she is able to mix and match all of the fabric she could find of! She even sophisticated in interior decorations. She knows how to get ready to strike the posts when standing in front of the cameras.


Keta is the town’s policeman. He is a guy who rather has faith in his own thought. Whenever he thinks something that would be the right thing to do and could eventually benefit all those people in Eazzville town, he insists to go for it! He is also a guy who has a high conscience.

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