Eazzie Gang is the exclusive polyester blanket products from Fashion Hometex which made from 100% recycled polyester. Eazzie Gang consisted of 6 cuddly characters comes with 6 product types that we classify into 2 types; blanket and pillow. All of the Eazzie Gang products feature the multi-purpose functionalities. For instances, you can adapt the uses of the Eazzie Gang blankets as the doll, wearable hood or pillow.

As mentioned above, the Eazzie Gang products are designed exclusively for multi-purpose uses. We have created the products to match the everyday and everywhere uses for your customer. No matter it is in-house, workplace or wherever you can imagine, the Eazzie Gang products will bring you the comfort wherever you are. We also have a carry-on blanket which designed with “ready-to-go” concepts. With the handle on top, the carry-on blanket will ease your packing for travel and encourage your readiness to go for travel, camp or do outdoor activities. Or having this carry-on blankets to be the dolls for the baby is also a good idea indeed. The carry-on blanket can handle it all!

Eazzie Gang’s products will be the finest goods to fulfil your merchandises. Besides, it is ready to drive your business forward with the innovative blanket products. We, Fashion Hometex, is hoping that our Eazzie Gang’s pillow and blanket supplies will be the solution for your sourcing.