GREEN is the new BLACK


Fashion Hometex’s green story began in the mid-2008 when global trends of green products are emerging. We decided that we want to live greener to promote environmental sustainability by turning disposed of plastic bottles into the cosy and warm blankets. Our green blankets will aim to rescue a substantial amount of plastic bottles. We closely collaborate with our designer to make sustainable blankets with contemporary designs in order to suit our customer best.

Our Process

Our recycled home textile products start from making the recycled polyester yarns. The yarns are made from the PET1 plastic bottles (the plastic bottle you see in everyday life) and fabric wastes. With our efficient in-house waste management system, we assure that all recycled home textile products are free from hazardous substances and contamination. We then make the fabrics out of the recycled polyester yarns. After that, we use those fabrics to make various home textile products for your business.

Our green and recycle process for textile will eventually reduce the carbon footprint and requires no additional non-environmentally friendly raw materials used for the production. Speaking of the non-environmentally friendly raw materials, recycling the plastic bottles helps us to compensate our reliance on polymer seeds substantially. Reducing the uses of polymer seeds means that crude oil consumption will be reduced since polymer seeds come from crude oil.

We would like to promote every possible mode of mitigating environmental impacts. To create a better green lifestyle for the society as a whole, we attempt to buy up the plastic-related waste (besides the PET bottle) from the community and other textile companies. Then, we again send the material to our textile recycling process to make the exquisite eco home textile products possible for you and the world. We strongly hope that our products will create a greener world.

blanket textile green recycle process

Introducing Our Eco Home Textile Brand

green eco blanket

EAZZIEGREEN is a brand that compiles all of the green blankets and throws products. All products are made purely from the recycled polyester and knitted into the premium quality blankets. Its mission is to bring the best fashionable blanket to you and create less environmental impact simultaneously.

With meticulous designs and unparalleled industry know-how, EAZZIEGREEN products will certainly inject some styled blankets on your store shelf. We forecasted that there will be a substantial number of environmentally concerned consumers in the upcoming future. They will have a need for a blanket that can make the world a better place and keep them warm. The product of EAZZIEGREEN brand can undoubtedly satisfy those consumer needs.

Your Choice Can Make a Difference

Take comfort to your eco home textile supplies for the beyond tomorrow’s sustainability.

Our Eco-Home Textile Products

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