EAZZIE KID– The Branded Kids Blanket

Eazzie Kids is the branded fuzzy doll blanket supplies. It aims to build comforts to the children and kids with its ultra fluffy products. With its adorable designs, sourcing for the Eazzie Kids blanket allows you to add more attracting product line to your merchandises.

Finest Kids Blanket Supplies

Looking for the brand that features the finest kids blanket supplies? Look no more! Eazzie Kids offer the exceptional kids blanket with various designs, styles and sizes. All products are made from polyester that we produce on our own factory. Accordingly, we can control the quality of the material used to ensure that we use the best one to craft the blankets for your sourcing.

Product Design

Eazzie Kids comes with various designs and styles. Whether it be hooded blankets, carry-on blankets or just a simple blankets, we have everything that will match your sourcing requirement.

Textile Safety Confidence

All Eazzie Kids products pass OE-KO Tex 100 Standard Class 1. This means that our products are free from harmful substances. Therefore, it is appropriate for the small children up to the age of three when it comes into contact with the skin.

Business Enquiry

Sourcing Eazzie Kids for your business is simple and fast. We assure you the excellent quality at the best prices.

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