Eazzie Travel is the branded travel blanket supplies. It aims to give the ideal comfort to everyone who us it on-the-go. Eazzie Travel blankets are the blankets that feature the portability, allowing you to easily carry it around. With this unique feature of the brand, sourcing these products will definitely bring attention to your merchandises.


Want to stand out of your business competitors? Most businesses are sourcing for extraordinary products. So why not find some as well? Eazzie Travel allows you to stand out of those competitions. With its unique designs that are not just an ordinary blanket, it will certainly create even more value to your merchandises.

travel blanket
outdoor blanket


Fashion Hometex’s design team takes a tireless effort to design the blankets that are great for travelling. As a result, we offer the design like the carry-on blanket with the handle, foldable blankets in a portable or backpack-liked blanket with shoulder-straps.

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