EPICO’s Eazzie Gang Hand Warmer Pillow Blanket (Terry)

Terry is coming back! Our newest look of hand warmer pillow blanket will perfectly fulfil your bedroom. Whenever you feel cold, you can shove your hand in it or unfold it as a blanket. Our high-quality plush polyester can create a smooth and comfy feeling for you and your kids. You snooze, you lose!

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epico echo world ronnie pillow blanketepico echo world ronnie pillow blanket

EPICO’s Echo World Pillow Blanket (Ronnie)

Who said a recycled textile product needs to be dull and boring? Not this lovely Echo World pillow blanket! With its plush texture, it would undoubtedly soften the angularity of your couch.

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epico error chick towelepico error chick towel

EPICO’s Error Chick Towel

ErrorChick is now featured on the appealing yellow towel. These products come with 3 different sizes for different use of yours.

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Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd. is the Thailand’s leading polyester home textile supplier and exporter. We produce blankets with numerous designs & styles for every lifestyle with 27 years in experience.


Every single products of ours are meticulously made with passion focused on end-users. As a results, our client would find certainly the product that best suit their customers.

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Our Unparalleled Services

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Vertically integrated

We ensure the lowest comparative production cost with consistent product quality from our ability to control every process.
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All in one place

We have a wide range of the blanket supplies ranging from blankets to home decoratives for your business sourcing needs.
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Fast delivery

One-stop service is one of our core competencies. We promise the on-time worldwide delivery to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction.


At Fashion Hometex, we believe a blanket can be something more than just a sheet of fabic you covered with. With the our team of experienced designers, each year we designed hundreds of blankets with exceptional designs.

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the world’s greenest blankets


We encourage the green concepts through our brand with passion for creating environmentally friendly world with milestone to mitigate the environmental footprint.


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