5 Best Blankets You Must Have for Bedroom

What is a must-have blanket for your bedroom?

If you are thinking of items in your home that you seem to have a lot of, in the home textile perspective, a blanket would definitely come across your mind first. We can clearly say that it is a must-have item to have in your home. Without a blanket, we would sleep uncomfortably with no cosiness at all.

When it comes to choosing blankets, the style options are limitless. You can choose any types you wanted in order to have a blanket that suits you best. In this article, we have rounded up our collections that you must-have for your bedroom.

Before we go through each one; most importantly, first thing to think about when choosing a blanket is to make sure that you choose the one that made from pure hundred percents polyester for the sake of its durability, softness, flexibility, reasonable price, and more.

1. Embossed Blanket

Let’s start with embossed blanket which is the polyester blanket with various textured pattern created on the surface of the fabric. We applied heat and pressure to the fabric’s surface to create those texture. Should you are the one who love embossed pattern, you will absolutely mesmerize with our fashionable emboss designs.

2. Frosted Fluffy Blanket

Frosted Fluffy blankets are printed and brushed making the blanket to become soft and fluffy. This is a poly boa blanket, which has thick but comfy nature, allowing you to have an ultimate comfort when you cover yourself with.

3. Reverse Blanket

This kind of blanket featured geometric pattern with zigzag lines. It makes your bedroom look even more stylish than before. We believe that you don’t want to miss this one whenever you are seeking for a blanket that will add eye catching color and pattern to your bedroom.

4. Sherpa Cashmere Blanket

Sherpa Blanket is the type of blanket with texture that imitate the characteristic and the feel of real wool fleece. Making from polyester, however, the blanket will have more durability than a normal wool fleece. Should you are a person who seeks to find a blanket to match your luxury styled interior; having Sherpa blanket would definitely accentuate those point.

5. Sweater Blanket

Last but not least, the Scott or plaid like pattern featured in this sweater blanket will makes you feel the nostalgia of the gnarly 80’s. However, this kind of pattern never gets old as it is becoming trendy in recent years. Don’t want to become missing out? Having one of this in your bedroom is a must!

Any of these blankets that interested you? If so, do not hesitate to send an enquiry to us, we would love to be right at your service! It would also worth mentioning that all of products that featured on this blog are ready to ship and sell wholesale to your country.

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