9 Things to Bring with You While Travelling

Travel, Travel, and Travel!!! I love to hear this word indeed! Personally, I consider myself as a traveller. There’s a huge difference between tourists and travellers. Tourists, in general, would follow guidebooks, whereas travellers always get off the beaten tracks and explore the destination deeper. However, there’s one thing in common between those two, they need to pack things up before travel.

For any travellers or tourist out there who have holidays right around the corner, you should be started to pack your stuff by now! Doesn’t matter if you are going to take an adventure in Patagonia’s fall season, enjoy water festival in Thailand, or see the stunning world’s wonder of Petra, getting ready with the following checklists would make your trip even more prepared.

1. Clothes

Try to bring clothes that you can wear repeatedly such as jeans. This will help you pack lighter. The clothes must also match the weather conditions of the place you are visiting. If you are travel to the cool place, try to bring something that can warm you up, and vice versa

2. Luggage

This depends on you that how light or heavy you want to travel. A friend of mine used to carry just only one backpack when he was travelling in Southeast Asia. In contrast, you can bring a large luggage to carry more of your necessities. You are the one who decides.

3. Travel Blanket

The best blanket for travel must be the one that portable; it must be compact that you can carry it easily anywhere. Since the travel blanket is fold-able into pillow-like shape, it can be used for not only as something to cover on but also as a pillow or lumbar support. This will make your travelling even comfier and cosier.

4. Travel Pillow (Neck Pillow)

Roaming for a very long distance can be extremely exhausted. When you need to take a nap on plane, car, bus, or whatever transportation mode you use, one does not simply find a comfortable napping position.


Carrying a travel pillow (or neck pillow) with you would mitigate the issue. It supports your neck and keeps your head in its natural position while napping. You will sleep more comfortably while travelling.

5. Phone and Power Bank

The phone is a necessary thing to have to survive nowadays. You need your phone to check maps, finding unusual local places, do an emergency call, or stay connected with your social circle. You wouldn’t like the dying phone to spoil you travelling. Therefore, carrying power bank along is also a must.

6. Money

Get your money ready to cover all the expenses for the whole trip and always carry extra money. Make sure you split up your money into different places such as your wallet or your pocket if you don’t wanna screw yourself over. Let’s say when you lost your purse (hopefully will not happen in reality) while travelling, you will still have some spare money to use for the rest of your trip.

7. Shoe

While travelling, walking is unavoidable if you love to explore the place you are visiting. Some may love wandering around walking street all the way to hiking in the countryside. Having a pair of shoe that is not comfortable enough could ruin your whole trip.

To choose a good pair of shoe, you need to look for the footwear that functional and versatile. This is to prompt for any landscape that you will face during the trip. In addition, you need to keep in mind that always find a comfortable shoe because you need to wear it all day!

8. Medications

No one’s gonna know what will happen to you during your trip. Better be sure than cure! Especially for the one who has the chronic health condition, carrying meds cannot be forgotten. At least bring common remedies like paracetamol, laxative, or cough drop.

9. Your beloved one

We saved the best checklist for last. This is the best way to make your trip memorable by bringing someone meaningful with you. Some memory is best when shared, especially travel memory. Moreover, your relationship can be strengthened when travelling together. If you still do not have a partner, bring your friends or family is another good choice.

That’s all the things we recommend to have for your trip. Keep in mind that nothing is better than getting well prepared. Is there anything extra that you want to carry with you on travelling? Share it with us in the comment below!

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