10 Reasons Why Songkran is the Festival I Hate

Songkran is right around the corner and I hate it!

Songkran festival is the water splashing festival occurs during 13-15 April when the weather gets thermometer-breaking hot every year. Many argue that they love the festival but I hate it so much. Let’s find out why.

1. Because Songkran is a festival where no one takes part

2. …and nobody is dressing up

3. so does she…

4. Songkran is where nobody is having fun

5. …I’m being serious, not a single one’s having fun

6. the good old traditions are well preserved

7. because the fire truck is on the duty all the time

8. …and the cops are aiming at you!

9. wishing to prove the festival with your eyes whether it’s really hateful or not?

I hate Songkran because it is such an enjoyable festival and to see I only last for 3 days. Don’t judge the book by its cover, come and prove it with your eyes whether you will also hate Songkran like I do or not.

10. come to Thailand to see it for yourselves and don’t forget to bring some blanket

because you will get tremendously wet! Bring some heat-absorbed blanket could warm you up. Remember the date, 13-15 April, and go have a splash!