How to Source Your Home Textile Products from a Manufacturer

Let us show you how to easily source your home textile supplies with Fashion Hometex.

Get to Know the Company

Fashion Hometex is a global home textile manufacturer and supplier who provide the solution to source home textile products. We own the vertically integrated production line. This makes us has efficiency in products’ quality control and assures the price competitiveness.

We offer a wide range of home textile supplies such as blankets, throws, pillowcases, bed sheet sets, comforters, scarves and ponchos. All products come with numerous designs, styles, colours and sizes to suit your various product supply needs.

Should you want to source home textile products directly from the manufacturer, you have to find the right sourcing channel. Fashion Hometex has provided the simplest and most effective way for home textile sourcing. We offer a user-friendly website with comprehensive product descriptions and technical specifications. Therefore, it will save your valuable time since you don’t have to ask for the product details.

By sourcing with us, it is easy, fast, and best price guaranteed. You just go to our website, browse our Ready-to-Ship products. Then, send a quotation request for any of your preferred products from our website. The sales will get back to you with the quotation. After you have confirmed your order, your product will be on the supply chain right away and will be shipped to your premises promptly. (please see the flow chart below)

Pros of Ready-to-Ship Products

Fashion Hometex designer team has created the Ready-to-Ship products to be the products that are ready to produce, ready to sell and arrive at customers’ premises as quickest as possible. This is to satisfy the customers’ needs for fast delivery. The pros of Ready-to-Ship product consists of:

Consistent and reliable quality

The Ready-to-Ship products are the products that we have a high experience in production. It is our running items which we supply our customers in the repeated orders. Also, our omniscient production crews know how to prepare the right production set up in order to create consistent product quality.

Precise dyeing and printing pattern

As mentioned in the first point that our Ready-to-Ship products are the product we regularly supply to our customers. The quality of the products’ dyed colour and printing patterns of the products are consistent. This is because we are experienced in the colour mixing accuracy, making the product has the almost-zero colour deviation.

Additionally, our printing department knows how to print the Ready-to-Ship product with nearly zero defects as they print those printing patterns frequently. For this reason, we promise our customer reliable product colour and designs.

Price competitiveness

We assure the price competitiveness of our products because as mentioned; we are a highly vertically integrated manufacturer. Moreover, the Ready-to-Ship products are our running items which can be worked on the production line immediately. It allows the cost saving in making the samples and manufacturing overheads. Therefore, the best price for the products is guaranteed.

Appeal for all-seasonal retail

You can find the product that fits any occasion you want. Our designer team designs the product to match the uses of any season or festival.

Fast production and delivery

The Ready-to-Ship products are the products that we have high experience in producing. Thus, the production will have faster work-in-process and packed with quality.

From the faster production lead time, it allows the finished products to ship faster, and thus the faster delivery time.

Let’s Start Sourcing!

1. To source home textile products, go to the website On the site, you can browse the online product catalogue by hovering your mouse on the ‘All-Product’ on the menu bar. After that, choose your preferred product category.

2. Browse the category page and choose your preferred product.

3. On the product page, you can review the product’s specification like its available size, colour, the material used, weight, etc. If you are interested in the product and would like to ask for the quotation, click the ‘Request Quote’ button.

4. On the quotation request form, please fill in the form as required and click send to send the form to our sales team. The sales team will get back to you shortly.

And you are all set!

After you have sent the product quotation request, the sales will get back to you with the quotation as soon as possible via the contact information given. Should you have considered the quotation, you can confirm to order and the company will produce your home textile supplies right after receiving your confirmation.

Isn’t that easy? You can get your home textile supplies ready at your business premises just using only your fingertips! Start your sourcing now at

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