DOPE DYED – the Future of Textile Industry

DOPE DYED yarn is an energy saving & environmentally friendly raw material.

Dope dyed

Due to doped dyed yarns are created by adding masterbatch colourant to the polymer melt in spinning, it substitutes the most polluting process of dyeing in industries.


Wet processing, a common step in the textile industry, has caused a significant impact on the environment and human health. Large amounts of chemicals and dyes are used in the wet processing which leads to the larger water usage. Operations resulting in the generation of effluents with a complex chemical composition.

The cellulosic textile industry consumes a huge quantity of water in wet processing operations like desizing, scouring, mercerizing, bleaching and dyeing employed during conversion of fibre to fabric.

During the last decade, the serious concern about environmental issues has grown drastically, which have increased many folds because of increasing industrial pollution, waste problems, effects of global warming, etc.

Therefore, DOPE DYED Viscose is the right solution to reduce the pollution and wastewater discharges in a textile processing factory to the environment.

Here are the Benefits of  DOPE DYED

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced up to 62% by using spun-dyed viscose as compared to the conventional dyeing of viscose
  2. Most apparently, there is an 89% increase in water conservation by using dope dyed (compared with cotton from the planting process). Actually, there’s no water is used in the dope dyed process, and a significant reduction is noticed in heavy metal contamination in the effluent generated by spun-dyed viscose.
  3. By adopting the dope dyeing process, it saves the chemicals up to 63% as the process becomes shorter and less wastewater is generated. This enables direct savings on production costs and ensures a substantial reduction of the ecological footprint of the final products.

In addition, to recycle, we must reduce the emissions of chemical waste that causes environmental damage. To put it simply, we must love and care for the earth that we live on. So dope-dyed viscose can be very helpful to the manufacturers who are using the traditional piece dyeing process and facing the issues of emitting pollution, controlling their production cost. Dope-dyed fibre can be a significant part of the solution to all such problems.

Significantly reduce the pollution of production

The advantage of using DOPE DYED for finished goods

Quality – Dope dyed viscose based fabrics have better wash and perspiration fastness (rating of 4-5 for both wash & perspiration fastness against the rating of 3 for piece-dyed fabrics) even though there is no significant difference in rubbing and sublimation fastness.

Cost – Apart from the above advantages, in the cost perspective, dope dyed viscose fabric is about $0.22-0.29 per kg cheaper compared to piece-dyed viscose fabric.

Less Process – As the fibre is already dyed, the process of dyeing is completely eliminated leading to the saving of a large number of resources. This results in less lag time in the production process and enables you to deliver your goods faster to your customers.

With these 3 benefits altogether, you can see the increase in the efficiency of your production process and your finished goods. Eventually, this will increase the satisfactory among you and your valuable customers.


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