How Does ‘GOING GREEN’ Bolster Your Textile Business

Going green seems to be the essential milestone for every company to follow these days as it promotes sustainability for the firm in the long run.

Regarding the traditional production system and raw material sourcing, many firms occasionally face the unforeseen issues that could affect the firms themselves. One is the issues with respect to environmental impacts like pollution emission or waste management, especially.

Therefore, this is when ‘Going Green’ becomes relevant to mitigate the firm’s issues.


A lot of companies are shifting their focus from just manufacturing to exceed its break-even and maximise their profit margin to committing more to reduce environmental issues by going green.

The consumers nowadays are becoming more concern towards the products that create the negative impacts on the environment. For that reason, there is a trend and opportunity for the companies to capture here. The market for the green products seems to have a promising growth, failing to cultivate such the market will make your company disqualify for the long-term sustainability.


Like our company, Fashion Hometex, we have long established green-oriented production methods and use the raw materials that foster the positive impact on the environment. We are also having an efficient waste management and have a plan to buy wastes from our customer for recycling to raw materials in the future.  With more than decades of experiences for going green, we are able to capture the rising customer demands for the green product before anyone else does. At least the one who is in the textile industry like ours.

This will promotes even more advantages for your company compared to your competitors. Once the green products reach its growth and maturity phase of the product lifecycle, you will already have a strong foundation in the developing green products and be ahead of your competitors.


Regarding the cost of operating the green products, a firm should be expecting the increase in cost on the short-term basis. This is due to the necessary investment in machinery and product developments. In addition, should a company want to maintain the equivalent profit margin like it had with its existing non-environmental focused products, it has to mark the price up to a certain level that gives the same profit margin. This resulted in the higher purchasing price for a green product since it already has a higher cost.

Nonetheless, consumers in the developed market like the one in Europe, North America or East Asia are already having a good recognition and approval for green products to have the higher price than the usual one. They are comfortable with paying higher to get a green product. As the result, there are fewer difficulties in selling the green product in those market compare to the developing or emerging markets like Southeast Asia, South America or the Middle East. Speaking of which, those developing markets seem to shows the solid indication that the approval of the green product will be improved.


The company sincerity is one of the most important things that any company owner or manager should take into account. With the access to the internet, consumers nowadays can access the tremendous amount of information. They can even easily research that whether the company really green or not. Therefore, your company should be really committed to bringing out the environmentally friendly products and activities.

Consumers’ image and perception towards the company plays a crucial role here. If the company is not as green as it claimed to be, it could have a negative impact if the customer eventually found out. This is why our Fashion Hometex company dedicated to bringing the proper green product to our valued customers. Fashion Hometex promises to have the greenest operation as possible ranging from our raw materials to our production process. Our products use purely recycled fibre (from PET plastic bottles) to make the quality blankets.

In summary, In spite of the fact that green or eco-friendly products are having a higher purchasing price, the market is developing its approval of the green products. In addition, the value they give to the environment is so invaluable that they can completely compensate for the higher cost. Regarding the company committed to being a green company, the company cannot just claim that they are green, they must also be honest to bring the green product and having the green operations.

***Should you are the business that looking for something ecological to fulfil your store or stocks, we are able to quickly supply the products to you as well.

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