Eco-Fashion. Such a Sustainable Trend!

Eco-Fashion. Such a Sustainable Trend!

Eco-Fashion… Every time we hear the word “Fashion”, we usually think about something trendy and evolves over time. The old and new trends go around, come around.

This era is about the ideas of solving and working on “Ecological” issues that keep increasing. The ecological issues, unavoidably, come along with the fashion industries. This is because we are all facing the Climate Changes and Global Warming crisis in which most of the entrepreneurs are working hard to find the solution for it.

The main responsibility of textile and fashion organizations is, obviously, to change and adjust their production, distribution, marketing practices and strategies towards greater sustainability. The changes are not just only applied to the production processes but also all of the procedures. Companies also have to do something practical and beneficial to the ecology in order to contribute more sustainable consumption patterns by applying new innovations and practices to it.

In creating such a product to catch up with eco-fashion, there’re some basic properties you need to achieve for making the eco-textiles.

Essential properties of Eco textiles, for Eco-fashion.

  • Clothes or fabric made using raw materials such as cotton grown without the uses of pesticides or silk made from worms raised on organic vegetation.
  • Clothes or fabric made from recycled textiles, including creative uses of raw materials such as recycled PET bottles.
  • Clothes or fabric designed to be more durable so they last longer.
  • Clothes or fabric made without the use of certain harmful chemicals, dyes or bleaches.

    At Fashion Hometex

    We really take the ecological issues very seriously. We have developed the fibres for the future sustainability called “Dope Dyed”. It’s 100% recycled polyester made without the use of certain harmful chemicals, dyes or bleaching process. Indeed, the “Dope Dyed” pass the specific property of eco-textiles, for eco-fashion. To develop something innovation that is new and to be the leader of the sustainable vision in the textiles industries, we go further beyond the standard of eco-textile property. Our “Dope Dyed” also helps to reduce the power consumption and other means of energy.

    The figure above shows the percentages reduction of the power consumption and pollution emission by using “Dope Dyed”. As you can see, the percentage decreases in power consumption and pollution emission during the production process are almost identical ranging from 62 to 67 percents, which are already impressive. However, the highest reduction is the water consumption which is 89% decreases compared to the process without the uses of dope dye. In consequence, the process, using dope dyed, could dramatically reduce the environmental damages and ecological footprint, promoting future sustainability.

    Speaking of the process, we eventually deliver you the products of “Eco-fashion”. Not only the Accessories that are ready to wear, but we also create stunning home-textiles products like blankets and throw to fill your company’s milestone towards sustainability.

    Let’s get to know more about our eco-products, shall we?

    Introducing EazzieGreen, your eco-blanket brand

    These are the EazzieGreen products line from Fashion Hometex. EazzieGreen is purely made from 100% recycled polyester. Thanks to the Dope Dyed innovation that bring us the properties essential for being eco-textiles to created the eco-fashion products. All EazzieGreen products are knitted into the premium quality blankets. Explore more about our eco-fashion products and read our exclusive story about our initiatives to go GREEN here.

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Now it is your turn! Are you ready to be part to save the world? If you are, let’s make it happen together with us. Contact us here for your eco home textile inquiry.