Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas 2018, Gift to giving for this festival

Christmas is almost here Let’s find the perfect gift for your loved one, and if you haven’t gotten a jump on your Christmas shopping, we’re here to help!
Friends, Family, Lover, Nephew blah blah blah. That’s a lot to give, We’re now in the same situation. So, I have collected the list of gift that looks so expensive just about $10.

1.Main Character, Lolo Mitten – Knit mittens
$12.00 Shop Here

These cozy mittens do not look like they come from the sale section at all with various color to choose and timeless design.

2.Bodum Bean, Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker
$9.99 Shop Here

A personal cold brewer from Bodum Bean will save them money, too.

3Forever 21, Round Hoop Earrings
$4.90 Shop Here

These earrings look just like the ones Hailey Baldwin wears on the regular, but at a fraction of the price.

4.Ikea, Konungslig Champagne Flutes
$7.99 Shop Here

9 oz of The glass has a tall, slender shape which keeps the bubbles alive for longer, enhancing your experience of the champagne or sparkling wine. with this price, you not only get just 1 but 2!

5.88 Main, Small Glass Jewelry Storage Box
$9.99 Shop Here

If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a pair of earrings to go with this jewelry box. Anybody who receives this one gonna loves it.

6.California Olive Ranch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$7.97 Shop Here

This is honestly the best budget EVOO on the market. With good looking of packaging.

7.H&M, Scented Candle in Glass Holder
$9.99 Shop Here

Scented candle in a glass holder with a decoration at front. Diameter 3 1/4 in., height 4 1/4 in. Burn time 36 hours.

8.Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Book) Kindle Edition

$9.99 Shop Here

Some say the book is even better.

9.U-Konserve, Stainless Steel Straws
$7.95 Shop Here

Plastic straws are so passé. Sustainable is so cool and trendy now.

10.Aesop, Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand
$10.00 Shop Here

What can we say, Aesop is a power soap.

Enjoy giving and We wish you a Merry Christmas and the happy new year.

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