What is Happening in Eazzville? EP.9 – Rescue Mission

Previously on the last episode. Terry, Pol, Lily, and Keta went to the Toxins Paw’s to save Blankar but it turned out the Toxins Paw’s trap. Now they are all stuck.


That night, Eddie woke up in the middle of the bathroom inside his house. His head knocked on the floor because he slipped while walking across the waterlogging. He didn’t even know how long he has passed out.

Eddie glanced to the phone which laid nearby him immediately after he woke up. He saw the text messages from Terry half an hour ago.

“Eddie!! Something happened. I gotta save everyone. Meet us at Pol’s place.”

Terry’s message is quite brief.

Eddie gets first aid of his head before leaving. He floored his truck all the way to Mayor Pol’s place. He arrived and found nobody there, not even their cars.

He pondered to himself about where to find them. He didn’t even have a clue what was going on. He tried to contemplate Terry’s text message “I gotta save everyone”. Then he realised whenever something horrible happened, there are a few people who cause it. “No! Don’t tell me it was the Toxin Paws” Eddie mumbled to himself, and he decided to drive there straightaway.

On his way to Toxins Paws’s. Eddie drove pass the Police Station. Now it’s about 2-3 AM it’s should be quiet and calm by now but every polices at the station seemed to be so busy preparing their cruiser and getting ready for the duty.

Eddie stopped his car and slide down the window to see everything more clearly. He could hear the polices clearer too.

“Hurry Up! Lieutenant Keta and his friends are waiting for us” some of the police said.

“Wait! What,” Eddie Shouted. “Are you going to save them? What were they up to? Where are they, exactly?”

“They are at the Toxin Paws’s, being captured,” police replied. “We’re running out of time! Toxin Paws have them all. We gotta save them.”

So Eddie’s thought was right! They are all at the Toxin Paws’s.

“Wait! I’m coming with you! Please,” Eddie asked the police

Eddie gets in the helicopter with 5 other policemen to Toxins Paws’s headquarter.

Toxins Paws’s staffs forced and detained Pol, Lily, Terry, and Keta in the cell. It was the cell with the brick wall surrounded on 3 sides and the cell cage at the front. All four of them find themselves they are the only group who is in the cell. They are wondering where Blankar’s belongings since they believe she might be locked somewhere in the premises.

“There’s no Blankar. Where is she? Where did you keep her!!” Terry outcried

“Shhh… shut up! No way I’ll tell you that,” one of the guards said.

“No one is coming to saves you here, and don’t worry about the fabrics. It’s ours now!” another one said

Two guards immediately left after that.

Pol, Lily, Terry, and Keta now stared at each other.

“Oh no! We gonna stuck in here forever…,” Lily sounded nervous.

“Don’t worry! The police officers are coming for us. My badge is embedded with GPS tracking!” Lieutenant Keta said. “It has transmitted our location to my fellow police colleagues. They will come to save us!”

“Also, I have already sent an emergency message immediately after we know this was their trap; before they took my phone!” Pol added.

The polices and Eddie have arrived at Toxin Paws’s. The helicopter was hovering above Toxins Paws headquarters’s deck for allowing the polices and Eddie to rappel down to the roof.

Eddie has never done anything like this before, he really seems to have a problem with rappelling.

Baam! Eddie fell head over heels when he landed to the deck. Fortunately, he was okay.

The polices and Eddie has penetrated into the Toxin Paws’s headquarter in order to find everyone. The headquarter is like a maze with intense securities and surveillance. The polices and Eddie were doing their best to avoid the security cameras because they don’t want to expose themselves to Toxin Paws that they are at Toxin Paws’s premises.

While the polices and Eddie were on their way, they had found a group Toxin Paws’s security guards walking down the hallway. They subdued the guards and took their security outfits to disguise.

After all of the guards woke up, one of the polices asked the guards about where is the belonging of Pol, Lily, Terry, Blankar and Lieutenant Keta. It was a tough interrogation since the guards decided not to answer. The polices has to interrogate the guards even more intense until the guard eventually tell.

The guard said they are locked in the separate cell. “Your friends who came with the fabrics are locked on the second floor. And your cat friend is on the special room nearby our boss room,” said the guard.

“Where exactly is your boss room?” asked Eddie intensely.

“It’s on the top floor on building 2,” replied the guard. After that, he fainted again.

The Polices has spread into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 3 policemen, had gone to find Blankar, and another consisted of 2 other policemen and Eddie, headed to find Pol, Lily, Terry and Keta.

Somewhat, it’s quite easy for Eddie’s group to get to the second floor. Eddie found his friends. He and the policemen greeted Pol, Lily, Terry and Keta and walked closer to them.

However, in the meantime, Eddie and the policemen are in the careless moment; Toxins Paws staffs walked to them from behind and subdue Eddie and the policemen. It happened so rapidly that Terry and Keta can’t even warn them before the Toxin Paws took action. The Toxin Paws staff put Eddie and two policemen into the same cage.

“Gotcha, you’ll never get out of here, ever!” a staff ridicule them.

“Hey! I remembered your face. You are the one who came to my house!” Lily recognised the staffs.

“Yes! It’s us! Igor and Ivan!” Igor said.

When Igor and Ivan were laughing at everyone in the cell, there was a mystery sound noise of a helicopter and the wall in the cage is shaking as if there is someone drilling the wall from the outside. Everyone including Igor and Ivan is stunned…

Boom! The wall cracked open.

There is an elephant standing in the helicopter. He looked so familiar.

“Hey guys, I’m Mr Big. I’m here to save you,” Mr Big said.

“It’s Mr Big! You received my message?” Pol asked.

“Yes! We have no time. Get in, now!” Mr Big said.

Pol, Lily, Terry and Keta helped to carry Eddie and police who are half-conscious on to the helicopter.

Igor and Ivan couldn’t stop them from escaping because they were busy finding the cell key.

Mr Big flew his helicopter to the front park before the Toxins Paws’s secret headquarters. Everyone has already rappelled down the ground. Eddie and the Polices get up from the might of anaesthetic.

Pol told everything about what has just happened to Eddie and the Police, and thanks to Mr Big for helping them escape.

“I would like to thank you so much for helping me escape. Without your help, I couldn’t imagine how we would be,” Pol expressed his gratitude.

“No worry! I will do everything to my long-time friend whenever I can be of help,” replied Mr Big. “Also, it is my duty to save the Eazzville people from dangers.”

“Wait! Duty?” Lieutenant Keta doubted.

“Actually, I am Reco, the town’s hero. Sorry that I have been disappeared, I have to be on the low profile for a while for some reason,” Mr.Big revealed that he was the hero in the legend of Eazzville town that had disappeared many years ago.

“It’s you! Reco the Eazzville town hero!” Eddie shocked.

Everyone walked to Reco to shake his hand to express their gratitude for saving them.

Beep Beep! Beep Beep!

The walkie-talkie from one of the police alerted. It was the walkie-talkie they stole with the outfit from the Toxin Paws’s guards.

There was a voice said; “Even you can get away from this, but your cat friend and fabrics are still here! You will never get them. And don’t worry about your police friends, they all have been captured. Ha ha ha.”

“That’s the sound of Toxins Paw’s boss,” Lily said.

Terry ran back into the Toxin Paws’s immediately after the boss finished his words.

Everyone tried to stop Terry but it didn’t work. He closes the gate from the inside. No one from the outside was able to get in.

“You’re all run away! I don’t want to risk your life. I’ll go save her myself!” That was the last word from Terry before he faded through the fog heading towards the building.


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