What is Happening in Eazzville? EP.10 – The Truth Revealed The adventurous story of Eazzie Gang: the

Previously, on What is Happening in Eazzville?…

The Police tried to rescue everyone from Toxin Paws building. Everyone can escape except Blankar. Terry gets back inside alone to save her.

“Terry! Come back!” everybody outside called him back.

“No, I have to save Blankar She’s in danger,” Terry reply and he closes the door locked from the inside and walk into toxins paws headquarter.

There’s heavy fog on his way and he can suddenly feel the strong cold of weather. Terry looks up in the sky He saw tiny snow is falling. That’s the sight of winter “Hell no, The winter has arrived”

“I have to save Blankar and get my fabric out of here” He exclaims.

Terry walks stealthily into the building that they hold Blankar. The path is clear He can easily get into the building. There’s no Toxin Paws staff on the way at all. Terry avoided using the elevator, with this quite a situation everything can be a trap. Especially the elevator.

Terry keeps walking until He gets to the rooftop of the building. There’s no one on the floor. He started to think that this is a trap to make him come to the top of the building and trapped with nowhere to escape. All that he saw is a blank space and a huge curtain at the middle of space like it’s covering something behind.

“Blankar are you there behind the curtain” Terry shout without knowing that is she there.

“Terry helps me I’m here behind the curtain. Help me!” Blankar shout from the other side.

Terry instantly rushes straight to the curtain but, he abruptly biffed on the floor because toxin paws place a clear wire as a trap before Terry catch the curtains.

The staff Anesthesia Terry when he biffed.

He wakes up and finds himself was chained on hands and feet. Terry looked up and saw an old man sitting in the dark next to the curtains “Who are you?” Terry asked

“Finally, I know you would come to save your loved one. But why did you come alone where are your friends?”The boss asked Terry with an emotionless voice.

“You must be head of Toxinpaws,” Terry asked

The Boss walks slowly from the darkness and the light shine on his face clearly “You’re smarter than I think,” The boss said

“Blankar Where is she. Is she behind the curtain?” Terry asked The boss

“Shhh, Easy Easy. Let find out together” The boss said and He clicks the remote control. Curtains are sliding up and Blankar is hanging by the wire and there’s the pool with a furious shark under Blankar.

Terry begging The Boss to let her go.
“If you give me all your tailor business I’ll not hurt her,” The boss said
While Terry thinking about this the wire is going down closer to the pool’s surface “Don’t take so long Kids Tick – Tok” The Boss said

This is not just about save the women he loves it’s about humanity to save a human being Terry think inside his mind “OK Fine take it all, Let her go,”

Staff slide wood pad closes the pools and releases Blankar. She should come to Terry but She’s not. She walking next to the boss. The boss hugs her and said “Well done, you never disappointed me at all,” The boss talked to Blankar

“Thank you so much, Terry, for giving me Everything,”
Blankar talked to Terry and disclose everything that it was her that destroyed Terry’s cotton farm a few months ago.
“It’s plan Little boys to get everything from your town,” The boss said.

“How could you do this to me?, You’re breaking my heart Blankar”
Blankar said.

“So Sorry, I can’t help that. Take him to prison. Let’s him get some rest.”
Blankar told the staff.

While The boss and the rest of ToxinPaws staff is leaving to the rooftop. Over 10 Helicopter flying through heavy fog of winter surrounding the building. One of helicopter shoot Webhook at the exit door to close all the way to escape. We’re here to help Mr.Reco shout and many of S.W.A.T from the neighbor town and the police officer of EazzVille rappelling from the helicopter with the guns.

“Hands up! You’re under arrest, Surrender and we not gonna hurt you,” Head of Police officer said. ToxinsPaws tried to run but when the S.W.A.T fire in the skies. Everyone stop and Toxin Paws has unconditionally defeated…..

A week later…

All ToxinPaws member including Blankar arrested in the Prison
Terry is still can’t get over Blankar, But the good thing is he has a lot of work on winter clothing to deflect him about Blankar.
Mr Reco and all friends often meet Terry and help Terry work about Winter suit.
Mr Reco suggests EazzieGang to use outsource production at the neighbouring town to help make faster production. Mr.Reco becomes one of the members in the EazzieGang.

……………….. The End ………………..

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