What is Happening in Eazzville? Ep.1 : Terry’s Luckiest Unlucky Day

at Eazzville town

Here is the story of a small village of Eazzville with lovely villagers. There was a hard-working tailor shop owner named Terry. Terry was a sophisticated tailor who continues the tailor shop business from his dad. He highly specialised in cotton fabrics and various tailor techniques. His tailor shop business always performs very well since the people who live in town buy clothes from Terry’s tailor shop. Most people in town conceived that Terry makes unparalleled quality clothes, that was the reason why Terry’s tailor shop is so popular in Eazzville.

However, there was one night that changes Terry’s life forever and it was the day that he would never forget. It was the one of the hottest night during summer. A thief broke into Terry’s tailor store and stole all the cash and the tailor supplies while Terry was sleeping. The thief also stomped on Terry’s cotton farm as he was escaping the premises. It was the cotton that Terry planted to use as raw material for his merchandises.

The noise of the thief woke Terry up. Terry saw the thief is about to escape the cotton farm and were trying to chase the thief up.

“Stop it right there!” Terry shouted loudly as he was chasing the thief. “I’ll call the cops!”

Terry tried to run as fast as he could but he also needed to run carefully in order to not ruin his cotton farm. Eventually, the thief got on his unusual looking bike and had already gone deep into the woods.

Terry tried to call the police immediately after but without success. Lieutenant Keta, the only police in town, was off to investigate the other crime scene then. Terry was so desperate about his now-destroyed cotton farm since it was the thing that keeps his tailor business running. He could not sleep that night.

The next morning, Terry decided to rush out to the town hall immediately to consult with the town mayor, Pol. Pol was his close friend during school. They always got their each other’s back.

“What’s is going on, Terry?” Mayor Pol asked.

“My cotton farm has been heavily stepped on.” Terry began slowly. “There was a thief broke into my tailor shop last night!” he explained.

“Really!?” Mayor Pol began to concentrate. “That was horrible. You are the only cloth supplier in town, aren’t you? The winter is coming, and how could my people survive” Mayor Pol concerned.

“That’s right, mayor!” Terry added up. His shaky voice could tell that he frustrated. “Now we don’t have the raw material to make the cloth for this upcoming winter, and I was so desperate.”

“If that so, what should we do?” mayor Pol asked Terry anxiously. “The villagers must be very cold if there are no warm and cosy clothes sold.”

“Precisely, we need to find something substitutable” answered Terry.

“What could that be?” mayor Pol curious.

“I still have no idea,” said Terry.

Both concerned with the situation and were trying to think intensively to come up with the solution to find the substitution for the material.

“I wish there’s a hero to save the day,” said Terry

“Have you ever heard the ‘Legend of Eazzville’s Hero named Reco’?” said Mayor Pol. “It’s been a long time since he disappeared. All of Eazzville people might have already forgot his face. I am also don’t even know how does he look like.”

“Yeah, I have heard about this legend from my dad,” replied Terry. “He always saves the day of every fellow Eazzville people. I wish we are having him now,”

Both Terry and Mayor Pol were struggling to find a solution.

“Polyester!!” a soft little voice shouted from the back. Mayor Pol and Terry turned their back to see the voice origin. It was Lily the teacher.

Lily was a science teacher at Eazzville elementary school. She was an omniscient science teacher. She just walked past by major Pol and Terry.

“What are you doing here, hun?” said mayor Pol.

“I’m about to off to school for teaching, darling” answered Lily.

“By the way, the thing you just said, Polyester. What is that?” Terry asked Lily with interest.

“Well…polyester is the fabric made from polyester fibre which originated from the combination of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid” explained Lily.

“Speak English!!” said Terry as he did not understand a single word.

“It is basically the fabric made from man-made materials yet still has many positive points.” Lily tried to explain as simple as possible.

“What are those positive points” Terry doubted.

“It is strong and durable but lightweight. It can be easily dyed and retains its shape nicely.” Lily explained further. “Due to the time constraint for the upcoming winter, you can use this as the new material instead of replanting cotton which takes time”

“Sounds promising! Where can I find the materials then,” said Terry.

“Come with me!” Lily invited Terry.

Lily took Terry to the town school. The town school was in a walking distance from the town hall. It was the early morning that all of the children in town are coming to school, so the school’s front was so crowded. Lily walked Terry to the back of the school to show the school backyard.

The school backyard was full of usable garbages and leftovers. Lily pointed out to the piles of plastic bottles that were littered by the students in the school.

“See that plastic bottle over there? We can recycle that” Lily said.

“Don’t be absurd! How can you turn that plastic bottles into clothes? Are you going to tell me that you can transform that into wearable soft clothes? That’s uncanny.” Terry giggled along as he said to Lily.

“Don’t jump to that just yet, you can actually do so,” Lily said.

“How is that even possible?” Terry asked.

“I bet Eddie would give you the best answer for that” Lily answered.

“Who’s Eddie” Terry wondered as he never heard of this name before from the town people.

“He is the town firefighter but he used to work in the textile company” Lily began to explain. “But you can’t find him at the fire station.”

“Why not? Where can I find him, by the way?” Terry kept asking.

“He hardly ever go to work because he always forgets where does his workplace locate. He usually hangs around by the town river.” Lily answered.

“Who on Earth forget their workplace” Terry wondered.

“Right? He’s a little bit clumsy though. That’s why” Lily explained.

“I see. How did he not get fired yet” Terry replied.

“I’m wondering as well. Maybe he’s a fired-fighter” Lily said with a grin.

Both laugh at the pun

“May I be excused. I need to leave for Eddie now” Eddie said as he felt like it was the time to leave.

“Safe drive,” said Lily along with waving to Terry.

Terry loaded the plastic bottles on to his pickup truck and drove to the town river immediately to see Eddie. The river was a 20-minute drive from the downtown. On the way to the river, an unforeseen circumstance happened. A few miles from the riverside, a zebra ran out from the wood and suddenly cut off Terry’s truck. Terry tried to dodge the zebra but he lost control of his truck and crashed into a tree. Fortunately, Terry was able to escape the truck before it caught on fire.

Terry watched all of the plastic bottles got burnt down with shock. He wanted to scream but the best he can do is screaming inside his head. After he gained his fullest consciousness, he rushed out to the zebra to see whether he was okay or not. Terry asked what is the zebra name.

“I’m Eddie,” said the zebra.

To be continued.