6 Blanket Products to Buy as Gifts for Your Kids

It is not that simple to find gifts for your young one that he or she will prefer. Our generation and theirs have differences in the tastes and preferences for gifts.


When people think of finding something to buy as a gift for their children, they always go for toys or something that augments their childhood development. However, a blanket is another good alternative for the gift as children are more than love to snug into something comfy. Moreover, like what we did in our childhood, children nowadays still love to tie one end of the blanket around their neck to make a cape and imitate as a superhero. Therefore, the gift must be playful as well.


Most children prefer a gift that looks cute and creatively designed. The gifts needs come in the cartoon characters like Eazzie Gang collections by EazzHome. Here are 6 adorable blanket products to gift for your kids yet are great for adults too!

1. Carry-on Blanket

We have stitched a handle to these adorable blankets so children can carry them around easily when they go for a field trip, short stay at their friend home or a trip with the family, just to name a few. This will be their perfect travelling companion indeed.

2. Doll Pillow Blanket

This will be another perfect gift for your child since it can also be a doll. These doll pillows can be rolled out into a blanket whenever your young one feels like wanna snug in something adorable. You can roll it back up and stuff into its cover to create an adorable doll liked pillow you can cuddle with.

3. Squared Pillow Blanket 2 in 1

Everyone wants to sleep tight with lovely cartoon characters, so we have created these squared pillow blankets that can be both pillow and blanket. These blankets features Eazzie Gang cuddly face with their fluffy textures to create the sense of the ultimate relaxing sleep. Cuteness overloaded!

4. Dice Blanket

Snuggling in this dice pillow blankets doesn’t exclusively warm, they can be a cute decoration as well for your child’s bedroom as well. Your child will certainly love it! Imagine having this kind of blanket in a complete collection of the Eazzie Gang characters, a nice playful cartoon character collection will be a spotlight to the room furnishing, and promote children’s imaginary by motivating your child to play around with them.

5. Bolster Blanket

These Eazzie Gang bolster blankets want to be by your side to support your child to have a good dream every night! Fill up the cute sensations for your child’s imagination with these bolster blankets that would easily match your child’s bedroom.

6. Hooded Blanket

Let’s be playful with this one! These blankets can transform into a cape with hood; they will make your child feels wild to become one of the Eazzie Gang characters. They can wear this and enjoy the time playing with their friends all day long!

These are all the gift that you may want to buy for your children. The gifts best suit for any occasions no matter if it is going to be a birthday, Christmas, or just a gift for a random occasion. Which one would you like to buy for your young one most? Share it with us!


***Also, if you are the reseller looking for something attractive to fulfil your store shelves, we are able to quickly supply the products to you as well.

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