What is Happening in Eazzville? Ep.2 : Hospital Unexpected Stories

“You are Eddie the town’s firefighter?” Terry asked. His voice and tone was kind of rush as he was still shocked of what had just happened.

Eddie, who was still hurt and laying on the ground, murmured “Firefighter? Am I?”.

Suddenly, Eddie fainted. Terry was very antsy since he doesn’t know how to take Eddie to the hospital. He could not use his truck anymore since it was nonfunctional due to the fire or he may call 911 but there was no cell signal in the deep wood like this. He was even thinking of carrying Eddie on this back all the way to downtown. But that should take times and caused him to pass out as well as it was exhaust.

He was frustrated and desperate in the wood. Fortunately, it was like a blessing in disguise, Lieutenant Keta cruised by. He was on his duty patrolling around the town by then.

Lieutenant Keta stopped his cruiser instantaneously after he saw the accident scene and reported to the dispatch right away.

“Are you guys okay?” asked Lieutenant Keta as he lowered his cruiser window.

“Not really, My friend has passed out,” said Terry frustratedly. He did not mention about himself having trauma as well but his condition was clearly visible to Lieutenant Keta.

“Get in! I’m taking you both to the hospital,” Lieutenant Keta invited Terry and Eddie.

“Much obliged!” Terry expressed his gratitude.

Terry lifted Eddie up, rounded Eddie front leg (?) on his neck. He moved Eddie into Lieutenant Keta cruiser’s rear seat. Terry sat by Eddie side to see Eddie’s condition. Terry turned to Lieutenant Keta and asked “What about the accident scene, we just leave it there? We need to do something, it’s a mess!”

“No worry, son,” replied Lieutenant Keta. “I have called for the supports, my subordinates will help clean this up.”

Terry consoled, not completely but at least it made him felt more releasing that he doesn’t have to take care of the accident mess by him alone. “Thank you, once again,” Terry expressed.

“Haha, it’s alright,” said Lieutenant Keta. “Also, you have to come to the police station afterwards for interrogation. Don’t worry, it just for the record.”

“Certainly, sir.”


*        *        *

It was almost 6 in the evening, Terry was sent to the hospital along with Eddie. They were sent to the separate room. Terry was doing the preliminary check on his trauma. The hospital was so crowded as it filled with plenty of patients. The hospital was always busy since it was the only hospital in Eazzville. Terry can even hear the noise from outside through the wall.

“You are all set!” said the doctor who diagnosed Terry. “There’s nothing serious about your trauma, just have some good rest is fine.”

“Thank you so much, doctor,” said Terry, still worrying about Eddie’s condition.

“Oh, and your friend; a nurse just told me that he’d been moved to the patient room,” the doctor informed Terry. “Room 852 if you are wondering.”

Terry stood abruptly and rushed to the patient ward. He wished he could run but he shouldn’t since it is a hospital and it was so crowded. All he could do is walk quickly through the crowd. His mind ignored the surrounding, the only thing in his focus was heading to Eddie’s room as quickly as possible.

“Ouch!!” a sweet high feminine voice and Terry’s voice uttered simultaneously. Terry just crashed a lady cat at the corner of the walkway to the patient ward. The cat dropped her handbag as she fell down; the stuff inside her bag scattered all around the ground. Terry lifted his face up and tried to apologise to the cat but he was stunned by her beauty. She was a very gorgeous lady that you can hardly find a word to describe. Terry’s heart pounded with the cat’s fine reddish lip, glittering eyes, and here model-like body.

It took a while for Terry to gain his conciousness and keep his mind straight. “My sincerest apology,” said Terry along with helping the cat collect her stuff on the ground. Terry couldn’t stand his glance to the cat’s eye. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I didn’t see that coming as well,” said the cat. “Are you hurt by anyhow?”

“Not really, I’m alright,” said Terry. “Sorry for the mess, that I made your stuff scatter like this.”

“No worry, it’s alright,” the cat said with a little grin. She packed her stuff up and walked away.

Terry saw a square-shaped thing still lay on the ground. It was a notebook. It must belong to the cat, Terry thought. He picked the notebook up and tried to call for the cat but the cat was already far away that his voice was out of reach. Terry scanned to the book cover, “Blankar” was written on the cover. That must be the cat’s name. He can return the book later since he can ask Lieutenant Keta for her address. With the small town like this, it would definitely not that hard to find the model-shaped-beautiful-female-cat’s belonging.

Terry continued his way to the room 852 where Eddie was staying. He rode the elevator to the eighth floor with frustration. The elevator door opened and he headed quickly to the room. He saw a doctor and nurses walked out of the room. “Seeing your friend?” the doctor said to Terry. “He is in good condition now, There’s nothing to worry about, just a simple trauma and a little cut wound on his legs and arms. Just let him rest a bit.”

“Thank you, doctor,” said Terry.

Terry entered the room and saw Eddie is sleeping. He didn’t want to wake Eddie up so vigil is the only thing he did through the night.


*        *        *


Terry woke up in the early morning, he found his head collapse on the bed by Eddie’s side. Eddie was still asleep then. Terry heard the footsteps coming from the door. It was mayor Pol and his girlfriend, Lily. They heard the news about Terry and Eddie accident and came by. “Are you guys okay?” mayor Pol asked with concern.

“We are okay,” said Terry.

“Can you tell me what happened?” said mayor Pol. Terry told the story to Pol and Lily. “I’m sorry to hear that but still glad you two are not seriously injured.”

“Wh…where. Am. I?” a voice murmured from the bed. It was Eddie. He woke up! Terry, mayor Pol and Lily gathered around the bed.

“You are at the hospital now, don’t worry,” said Terry. “How do you feel?”

“Dizzy and I vaguely remember what happened to me,” said Eddie.

“I ran you over and you fainted,” answered Terry.

“Oh no! I caused your truck to catch on fire and burn down all of your plastic bottles!” said Eddie. “I should compensate that!”

“Don’t jump to that just yet. Now you need to rest, and I will get back to that later,” said Terry in a caring tone. It’s true that Terry worried about the plastic bottles, but the main concern now is having Eddie fully recovered.

Eddie was having a rest. He hasn’t gone fully asleep but kind of close his eye while laying on the bed. Terry consulted with mayor Pol and Lily about the plastic bottle at the corner of the room. He was concerning of how can he source the plastic bottles to make the polyester blankets. Pol and Lily haven’t got any ideas yet.

Eddie seems to hear the discussion. He thought he just came up an idea. He sat straight up on the bed and pitched “I have an idea!!”.

Terry, mayor Pol and Lily turned to Eddie instantaneously. “What’s the idea?” Terry asked curiously.

“We will have a campaign for the village!” answered Eddie. “The Recycle Campaign, I would call that. I will encourage people to collect their plastic bottles after they littered. And we will collect the bottle house by house.”

“Sounds great!” said mayor Pol. “When should we start?”

“Tomorrow!” said Eddie.


To be continued…