What is Happening in Eazzville? Ep.3 : Eazzville’s Secret Organisation

at Eazzville Police Station.

It was 8 in the evening. Terry was at the police station after he had left the hospital where Eddie stayed for the night. He was there to provide the testimony about the accident by the river with Lieutenant Keta for the record.

When the testimony ended, Terry was about to leave the police station. Suddenly the breaking news from the TV came up.

“Good evening our fellow Eazzvillers. We would like to disrupt your lovely evening with the breaking news from our EZV news agency,” said the reporter from the TV. Terry stood still and watch the TV for a second with curiosity.

“Some of the villagers who live by the river sighted the wastewater has been discharged from the upstream. This has made the Eazzville river contaminated. All of the ecologies underneath the water has been severely damaged. This believed to be caused by the factory that located at the upstream river owned by a large secret underground organisation called the Toxin Paws,” the reporter carried on.

“This is terrible news,” Lieutenant Keta said as he walked out from his office to the front door about to grab something to drink from the vending machine in front of the police station. “Your destroyed tailor shop and cotton farm and your accident are horrible enough. And here’s this news. I’m wondering what the Toxin Paws is thinking of.”

“Yeah… This will cause a huge impact on the town,” Terry added on. “Who exactly is the Toxin Paws by the way?” he suspected.

“The Toxin Paws is a large secret underground organisation who are owning a lot of businesses in this country. Rumour said that they owned almost all businesses in the nearby towns and now they are planning to buy up the businesses in Eazzville,” Lieutenant Keta answered. “There used to be a bad organisation before Toxin Paws too but it had been destroyed by the Eazzville’s hero, Reco. I wish he will be around today and do something to Toxin Paws”

Terry can tell from Lieutenant Keta tone that the cop expressed some worries.

“Reco? You meant the disappeared town hero?” wondered Terry. “I have heard his story from Mayor Pol.”

“Yes, you are right,” said Lieutenant Keta.

“By the way, the Toxin Paws’s boss might be very greedy,” Terry said.

“Indeed, he must be,” Lieutenant Keta said. “The town might not have enough cloth and blanket for the upcoming winter; now it won’t have enough food as well because of the contaminated water causing the farming uncultivable.”

“Don’t worry, the blanket supplies will certainly be ready for this winter,” Terry said.

“How is that even possible?” Lieutenant Keta asked.

“Eddie, Mayor Pol, Lily, and I will launch a campaign for the town to collect the plastic bottles!” Terry answered.

“How does plastic bottles turn into blankets. I see no relationship here,” Lieutenant Keta wondered.

“I am still not quite sure about that myself but Lily will give you the best answer to that, she’s a science teacher. But right now we need to collect as many bottles as possible!” Terry answered.


After the conversation, Terry said goodbye to Lieutenant Keta as it is already too late for the night and he needed to get back to his home for a sleep.


*        *        *


In the next morning, Mayor Pol, Lily, Eddie and Terry were gathering together at the town hall where Mayor Pol works. They were sitting around the working table of Mayor Pol discussing the recycling campaign in details.

“So what the campaign is gonna be?” asked Mayor Pol.

“Well this is the best campaign I’ve ever thought of in my life!” said Eddie. “We will ask all of the Eazzviller to collect all of their disposed plastic bottles. And we will collect the bottles home by home once a week; that gotta be every Wednesday!! I’ll call this the Green Wednesday!”

“Sounds great!” Mayor Pol, Lily and Terry shouted simultaneously.

“Alright, I will make a public relation to all the villager through TV, radio, and public speaking!” said Mayor Pol.

“Let’s do this!” said Terry.

“I will do this immediately!” said Mayor Pol.

After the discussion, everyone dismissed. Mayor Pol proceeded to the media room of the town hall for the wired broadcasting. He turned on the microphone and began to speak about the recycled campaign. Eazzville town has a very good wire broadcasting system that it has the speakers in every town’s corner connected directly to the town hall’s media room. When Mayor Pol speaks, all of the Eazzvillers can receive the message!

*        *        *


“I have heard about the Eazzville town has launched its recycle campaign,” the deep brown voice said across the working table. It is the room furnished with the luxurious Louis style furniture in every corner. On the wall, there is a huge Toxin Paws clan logo on it.

“Yes, it has, my boss. I have got this news from my lead in Eazzville” said one of the clan members who was having a tête-à-tête with the boss in the room. This clan member was the one that Toxin Paws boss trust the most. He was the clan boss’s right hand.

“We can’t let that happen!” the clan boss raised a concern.

“Why not, my boss,” questioned the clan member.

“This campaign will increase the awareness of the people about going green and saving the environment. Eventually, they will have more approval for green-related products and reject our product from our business.” the boss concerned. “This can’t be good to Toxin Paws’ businesses at all.”

“What shall we do, my boss,” asked again by the clan member.

“Well, I’ve got a plan for that. We will do it the Toxin Paws ways,” answered the boss.

“What is it, my boss?”

“We will buy up all the plastic bottle in Eazzville! So that they will have no plastic bottle for recycling.”


To be continued…