What is Happening in Eazzville? EP.7 – Incident in the Horizon

It was the time for gathering again. Everyone joined together at the town hall’s backyard after they’ve gone out for collecting plastic bottles yesterday in order to make a discussion about things to do next.

 It was a lovely morning. After each of them collected the used plastic bottle around the town. Everyone places their collected plastic bottle bag on the ground before they get into the discussion. They then moved to the meeting room in the town hall.

“Now we got the materials and what are we gonna do next?” Eddie asked everyone on the table.

“Don’t worry, my friend, I’ve already got a plan for this!” said Lily.

She left her chair after she answered Eddie. After that, she walks out for a minute which made everyone wonder where she has gone. She then came back with a chalkboard and said: “Watch this!”. Lily started to draw the process of the plastic bottle transformation on the board. The others felt like a student and acknowledging her spirit as a teacher.

Lily said that she had heard about the recycling of plastic process make it into fabrics and polyester blankets. She heard it from one of the blanket factories in Thailand while she was an intern teacher over there. She kept explaining scrupulously about the process to the rest. She did her best to make everyone in the room understanding the process.

“Questions?” Lily asked right after she finished her explanation.

No one had any questions. Everyone agrees with her plan and they started to make a plan for the next step of the recycling process.

“We currently have a plenty amount of the raw material right now, I think I can tailor the winter clothes and blankets for everyone in town just in time before the blizzard come,” Terry said.

“Wait,” Eddie broke into the situation. “Lily, where could we make a recycling process of the plastic bottles? Your plan seems to require a factory to do the job.”

“Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you,” Lily said.

“There’s a recycling factory for the plastic bottle transformation in our town. It is owned by a tycoon in the town named Mr Big. The location is only 1 block away from here to the south by the railway station,” Lily answered all the question to the group. “Mayor Pol knows the guy, he will do the talking.”

“I got this,” Mayor Pol said.

When all the doubt is cleared, they all kept planning until everything was set in order to have a flawless plan. “I think it’s time for us to move on, let’s get the plastic bottles to the factory,” Mayor Pol said. “I’ll call my friend, Mr Big, immediately for letting him prepare the factory ready for us!”

After the discussion, They all carried the plastic bottle into Eddie’s truck. Lily and Mayor Pol waved goodbye to everyone since they had an errand to run together.

Eddie, Keta, and Terry, on the other hand, rode together to the recycling factory see Mr Big. He was already waiting at the front of the factory to welcome all 3 of them. Mr Big was a elephant lookalike guy with the welcoming face.

“The plant is ready for your plastic recycling process,” Mr Big said. “You can unload the plastic bottles from your truck to the loading area and my guys will take care of the rest.”

“Thank you so much, Mr Big. How generous you are!” said Eddie, Keta, and Terry simultaneously.

The plastic recycling to fabric is now in the process.

*     *     *

2 Months Later…

All the process at the factory had gone absolutely perfect; there were no troubles in production at all.

In the shine bright of the sunlight on Saturday morning, Terry was driving on his way to the recycling factory after Mr Big has called him to pick things up. Those things were the fabrics that have been successfully transformed from the plastic bottles. The road was cleared with light traffic. While he was driving to the place, he unexpectedly saw Blankar wandering on the pavements by the shopping mall area.

He then pulled his car over to the left lane to try to greet her.

Terry slides down his car window and calls “Blankar!”

She turned back to the voice abruptly with curiosity. She was so beautiful when she was turning back, it was like a supermodel is taking a full turn on the catwalk. Terry stopped his car and watches Blankar sauntering to him.

“Hey, Blankar! Where are you heading to?” greeted Terry.

“I just finished my photo shooting for a fashion magazine and heading back home” answered Blankar. “And you? Where are you heading to?”

I’m going to the recycling factory to take the recycled fabrics for making blankets and clothes for this upcoming winter.


Terry asked Blankar about her plan for today. He wanted to invite her for a dinner. Blankar told Terry that she had nothing much for today’s plan, only just photo shooting in the morning and then she free for the rest of the day.

Terry was stunned and hesitated to say; he was speechless for a while because he was about to asked her for a date.

“Hey, Terry are you alright?” Blankar asked terry with that sentence that woke him up and also made him feel a little bit insecure.

“Would you like to go to have a dinner with me tonight?” Terry was blushed and asked Blankar with a bit of startled.

Her cheek was blushing just like him. She grins and come closer to the windows and says “Pick me up at 7:30, don’t be late!”

Both smile and understand each other without saying a word. Blankar turned back on her way and Terry keeps driving to the recycling plant to grab the fabrics.

*     *     *

After Terry picked the fabric up from the recycling factory, on that late evening, he got back to his home. He dressed up with a blue suit by his own tailor for the very first dinner with the girl he had a crush on. He wanted to make Blankar’s first date impression with him memorable.

Terry left his house and drove to Blankar’s just in time, exactly half-past seven. Terry pulled his car off in front of her house. Blankar walked out the door wearing a gorgeous white dress with a grey beret on top. It was such a perfect combination of beauty and stylish looking. Blankar then got into Terry’s car.

“Blankar, you look amazing tonight,” Terry started the conversation.

“You too Terry, I never saw you in this look before,” Blankar replied.

“Not everyone ever sees me like this,” Terry answered.

“So, where are you taking me to then?” Blankar asked.

“If I tell you, it wouldn’t be surprised,” Terry said.

They both having a chitchat on the way to one of the most luxurious hotel in town. Terry plans to take Blankar to have the dinner on the hotel’s rooftop restaurant. Terry and Blanker get into the glasses elevator of the hotel to the 75th floor where the rooftop restaurant located. They can see all the Eazzville Town’s night skyline panoramic. It was a very romantic moment.

They order the best dishes on the menu. They started to enjoy the meal and sharing their lifestyles with each other. Blankar asked Terry about the recycling campaign.

“I have heard everyone in the town talking about your plan to make winter clothes in the oncoming season with the polyester materials,” Blankar said.

“Yes, it’s the only way for me after my cotton farm was destroyed,” Terry said.

“As you might have known, I have a lot of experience in the fashion industry. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to help you to design the collection for the winter suit and also be a model to promote your products,” Blankar offered a help to Terry.

“Wow, I am happy to hear that. It’s very pleased to have you,” said Terry.

Terry gave lots of appreciation to Blankar that she wanted to help him. Both looked at each other in the eyes. They eventually got in the mood. Terry reached his hands to Blankar’s trying to hold her hand. Their relationship was getting more and more vivid. Terry then asked blankar.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Blankar was about to answer to Terry’s proposal but there was a loud noise of a helicopter coming from behind the building. Suddenly, the helicopter appeared to the top of the building, it labelled ‘Toxin Paws’ on the door. The helicopter released a sling with a hook from the sprinkling and seized Blankar up to the helicopter.

Everything was happening so fast. Everyone in the restaurant was screaming and running with shock.

“Help me!!!” Blankar screamed to Terry for help while she was lifting up.

“Let her go!!!” Terry shouts to whoever Toxin Paws gang member flying the helicopter. He tried to reach Blankar’s hand and tired so hard to never let her go but he couldn’t hold it against the helicopter anymore so he lost her.

“Trade her with your polyester fabrics!” said a guy with black-suited in bandit mask while the helicopter vanishing away to the horizon…


To be continued…

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