How This Blanket Will Put Your Store Shelf in Spotlight During This May

The month of May may be one of the most peaceful months of the year for some merchandisers


This is because it barely has no special holidays for people to go out for shopping and spend money more than they normally do. Therefore, having products on your shelves (both brick and mortar and online stores) that are attracting the attention from your potential customers could help you win out during this period. Moreover, the products must be appropriately designed in order to stand out from other ordinary designed products.

What Product?

Let’s take a look at this carp fish blanket, this is not an ordinary blanket you have ever seen before. It comes with carp fish unique and remarkable pattern featuring white, orange, and black colour. These 3 colours seem like a mix-and-not-match kind of colour in our mind; however, they seem to match perfectly if allocating properly like this blanket.

The product also comes with this rather enchanting and lovely fish shape cover. Also, the fabrics are made out of super-soft fibres and make them even fluffer to make the blanket to be the best comfortable blanket you ever snug in.

Sharing (Gift) is Caring

This will also be the product that your customer can buy as a gift as well. Even though May may be one of the most peaceful months but there are still some occasions that drive people to purchase some gifts for celebration.

On the 5th of May in Japan, they celebrate a day called “Kodomo no Hi” (literally Children’s Day). If you are travelling to Japan, you will see many Japanese houses put their crap fish steamers (a.k.a. Koinobori which Koi stands for carp fish) up high.

You can see various sizes and colours of carp fish steamers, those steamers symbolise strength and success of the kids. Hence, giving the carp fish blanket for kids is not only a perfect gift for kids but also to bless him or her a good wish.

In addition, there is also the substantial amount of carp fish (Koi fish) enthusiast out there, one might but the product to decorate their home interior to reflect their love of Koi.

In some country, like the States, it is the time for mother day and school graduations, people are more likely to find something creative or unusual for gifts. If you are owning a reseller business and want to increase the incoming customers due to quiet domestic market, you may want to go global. By having a product that having both functional benefits and creative designs, it would certainly highlight your store with no doubt.

Lastly, we hope you find this article useful. Do you have your own ideas for decorating your store shelves to look even more appealing? Share it with us in the comment below!

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