What is Happening in EazzVille? Ep.5 – Vanilla Sky

It was almost 6 in the evening in the Eazzville Town. Everyone was on their way to the town hall to make a discussion about the bottle collecting campaign.

Lily and Mayor Pol were the first to arrive because their house was next to the Town Hall. Lily seemed to be nervous about what has just happened to her in the morning before she went off for the teaching at the school. She still can’t erase the terror of encountering with those 2 guys, Ivan and Igor.

Terry and Lieutenant Keta arrived at the town hall just a few minutes after Lily and Mayor Pol. While they are walking to associate with the others, they notice that there must possibly be something wrong with Lily and Mayor Pol from their distress faces.

“Hey! Terry and Keta,” Mayor Pol greeted both guys. “Welcome! Please have a seat, we are about to start the discussion.”

Terry and Lieutenant Keta sat on the couch and stared suspiciously at each other.

“What is happening to both of you?” Terry and Lieutenant Keta asked simultaneously.

Before Lily and Mayor Pol could utter words to explain the other two about what happened, Eddie suddenly showed up.

“Sorry, I’m late! I just got lost on my way to the town hall,” said Eddie.

“You are just Eddie being Eddie haha,” said Lieutenant Keta.

The rest of them smile drily to Eddie like they all get used to Eddie.

“Okay, here we are,” Lily said. “Before we start the discussion, I have something to tell to you guys. As you guys asked me earlier, there was an incident happened to me this morning.”

Her face was full of seriousness and started to describe with her intense voice about two grown men named Ivan and Igor who came to her house earlier and try to convince her to sell all the plastic bottles in Eazzville Town to their Company.

“There were 2 big grown men showed up in front of my door looking suspicious. They pitched me about their interest in buying the plastic bottle that I have collected. I have asked them why do they need the plastic bottles for and their reason seemed to be odd,” explained Lily.

Everyone listen to Lily carefully and the surrounding is so dramatically quite.

“So, what is their intention for buying then?” wondered Lieutenant Keta.

“They want to use the bottles to fill in the fresh air and sell to the people in their town because their town is facing severe air pollution,” answered Lily.

“That is indeed an odd intention,” added Lieutenant Keta. “I believed they must hide their real intention behind.”

“I am afraid so,” concerned Mayor Pol.

“May I ask the appearance and description of those guys?” asked Lieutenant Keta.

“Sure, they are tall, wear a black suit with emotionless faces. One guy is quite good looking with the nice styled haircut and the other guy has tanned skin with the long and unshaved beard and moustache.”

“Hold on!” Eddie unexpectedly interrupted the conversation by shouting out loudly. “I thought I have seen them, that two men in a suit.”

Everyone in the discussion immediately turned their face to Eddie and gave him the attention. Especially for Lily, she did seems to have an interest the most.

“Really, Eddie? What do you know about them?” Lily asked.

“Okay, Lily here’s the things,” said Eddie, looking up at the ceiling for a while like he tried to think about how did he spot those 2 men. He then started to explain “Yesterday I drove to the nearby town where the Toxin Paws, our enemy, headquarter is located for running my errands. While I was driving past by their secret headquarter building to the downtown, I saw 2 guys that matched the description you mentioned driving a black car and making the left turn to the building’s driveway.” explained Eddie.

“Are you sure?” asked Lieutenant Keta.

“Definitely, they drove the convertible car so that I can clearly see their faces,” answered Eddie. “I can still remember their emotionless faces as they were making an eye-contact with me while we drove pass by.”

“Hold on for a second, how did you know that the building belongs to Toxin Paws?” Lieutenant Keta continued to wonder.

“Easy peasy, there a very huge sign says ‘Way to Toxin Paws Secret Headquarter’,” said Eddie. “Apparently, the secret organisation is not so secret.”

“How ironic,” said Lieutenant Keta.

“So, can you go and inspect the identity of those two men in the other town?” Mayor Pol asked Lieutenant Keta in a serious manner.

“Typically, our Eazzville police department has no permission to access the other town’s database, but I’ll see what I can do,” said Lieutenant Keta. “In my opinion, there could be a high chance that those guys must work for Toxin Paws.”

“If that’s the case, they must be planning some conspiracy. We should warn our Eazzville people,” recommended Mayor Pol.

“Certainly! In the meantime, I will ask my connection in the nearby town to help me investigate,” said Lieutenant Keta.

“Sounds great!” said Mayor Pol then turned his face to Lily. “Everything is gonna be okay, my love.”

“That’s really hearted me up! Thank you guys,” said Lily. “So, that’s it for those 2 suspicious guys, shall we begin what we should be doing here in the first place?”

“Yes, let’s do this!” said everyone simultaneously.

After that, everyone started to talk about the main point of today’s discussion.

“I have seen people started to put their plastic bottle in front of their home,” Terry started the discussion. “My plan is we will separate into 2 teams for collecting the bottles since we have 1 trucks that belong to the town hall and 1 Lieutenant Keta’s cruiser right now, according to my knowledge.”

“Let’s split up!” said Eddie.

“Certainly,” said Terry. He then called “Mayor Pol.”

“Yes!?” answered Mayor Pol.

“You go with Lily. Start from your houses and collect from every house on the north side of the town.” Eddie told Mayor Pol.

“Roger that!” Mayor Pol acknowledged. He sounded energetic.

“And you, Lieutenant Keta and Eddie, you guys come with me. We will cover the south side for the town starting from the railway station!” said Terry.

Everyone started to move. Mayor Pol had gone with Lily in the truck while Terry, Eddie, and Lieutenant Keta, headed to the railway station. When they reached the train station, the packs of bottles were already prepared by the station. They got off Lieutenant Keta’s police cruiser and help each other to carry the packs of plastic bottles and put it in the cruiser’s boot.

The bottles that they collected from the railway station alone is already lots enough since the railway is the public space. This means that it got many people to visit every day therefore that a large amount of plastic bottle has been littered. But this didn’t stop them to collect more plastic bottles, they need to collect as many plastic bottles as possible just to be sure that they will enough materials for making blankets and clothes. Thus, they carried on collecting.

Before they left the railway station, the station manager came to talk to them and thanks to all 3 of them for pushing out such a campaign that made the railway station cleaner and had a better trash management.

“No problem! We are doing anything that could possibly benefit the town,” said Terry to the station manager.

“Anyway, be careful with the Toxin Paws. I heard from my relatives who live in the other town that Toxin Paws is planning something to Eazzville. Something that could stop you from successfully producing the blankets and clothes,” said the station manager.

“Thank you for the concerns. Don’t worry I’ll take care of that!” said Lieutenant Keta.

Lieutenant Keta, Terry and Eddie continued their way of collecting the bottles. This time Lieutenant Keta allowed Eddie to drive his police cruiser since he was a little bit exhausted. It was almost in the evening when the sun starts to go off the sky. The twilight was shining over created the vanilla sky, it was so gorgeous that all three could enjoy and forget the tiredness of collecting the bottles. With the beautiful sky like this, it made Terry thought about Blankar, the cat whom he accidentally met at the hospital a few days ago. He still didn’t have times to meet Blankar at her house after he got the address from Lieutenant Keta.


To be continued…