What is Happening in EazzVille? Ep.6 – Coincidental Love

Lieutenant Keta, Terry and Eddie finally reached the other zone of the town, continuing their bottle collecting works.

It was still dusk with the vanilla sky so they still had time for their work. Terry was carrying the bottles from one of the townspeople homes to the cruiser. He waited on the side of the road, looked left and right repeatedly to make sure that no car is driving on the way. After he was assured that no car was coming, he decided to cross the road to the cruiser.

 “Hey! Watch out,” a familiar sweet high feminine voice shouted loudly to Terry. Fortunately, there was no crashing this time.

A tall female cat tried to save Terry life by pushing him off the road. He floated and bumped with the bush. Terry tried to stand up by his own from the bush by the pavement. The stranger with a sweet high feminine voice helped to pull terry up from the ground.

“Are you alright, are you Hurt?” she kept asking over and over.

Terry tries to focus and looking at the women who save him.

“It’s you,” he mumbled. Terry blinks his eyes and looks at her again, attentively. “Oh, god! It’s you…Blankar!” said Terry. At that moment, Terry thought that she is still as gorgeous as the first day they accidentally met. Her eyes s still gazing, her glowing skin, her silk liked fur, simply everything is perfect.

Terry’s heart’s beating like a drum again, just like the first time he met her at the hospital. Terry took a deep breath to gain his consciousness.

“Thank you so much. You, uhh…”

“I’m Blankar,” she said.

“Yes, Blankar. I’m Terry thank you so much for saving my life,” Terry said.

“You’re welcome, Terry. I’m glad you alright. Do I know you, Terry?”

“Of course, we met at the hospital a few days ago. I’m the one who was clumsy and crashed you at the corner of the ward,” Terry said.

“No, you don’t. It was my fault too. Don’t blame yourself, Terry.”

“It seems like I got your notebook. You dropped it as you fell down on that day. I keep it and desperately searching you to return it,” Terry said.

“No need to find anymore, I’m here now” Blankar grin to Terry while she said.

“Thank you so much, Blankar,” said Terry. “Do you know what is even more beautiful than the vanilla sky this evening?”

Blankar surprised by the question. “I don’t know? What is it?” she asked.

“It’s you,” said Terry.

“Really?” replied Blankar. Now she shied. Her heart kept beating faster.

“Definitely! And do you know what is even more beautiful than you?” Terry continued flirting.

“I am not sure. What is it really?” said Blankar.

“It’s your heart,” replied Terry. Blank was now falling for Terry’s pickup lines. She thought this is a very awkward moment, not a weird awkward kind of way but rather an adorable and memorable awkward moment.

Right now both of them are getting in the mood. They seemed to connect with each other.

Lieutenant Keta and Eddie rushed to Terry to see whether Terry is okay or not. Terry then introduced Blankar to both guys.

“Oh, it was you all the time!” said Lieutenant Keta. “I have heard about you from Terry!”

“What a gorgeous lady!” added Eddie.

“Thank you for your compliment,” Blankar gratified.

“I am glad that you are okay, Terry,” said Lieutenant Keta. He then turned to Eddie “Now let’s get back to our car and let Terry be with Blankar for a while, shall we?”

“Sure,” answered Eddie.

Lieutenant Keta and Eddie returned to the cruiser, putting the plastic bottle inside the boot, and they waited inside the car for Terry.

Terry then turned to Blankar and continued the conversation. They got along pretty well. That night Terry walked Blankar Home as her home is not far from where they were. On the way to Blankar home, Terry invited Blankar to have some dinner with him. Eventually, she said yes. Before Terry left Blankar house, they give a goodbye kiss to each other.

Terry’s heart was pounding. After Terry got back to Lieutenant Keta and Eddie, he told them the good news.

*          *          *

It was a quiet morning at Toxin Paws’ secret headquarter office. It was 30 story building with a large sign at the top of the roof saying “Toxin Paws Secret Office”. The sign was so big that it could even be seen from the other side of the town. Which seems odd because it has made the secret organisation becoming not so secret. Everyone in Toxin Paws are aware of this but no one seems to care since the organisation is already influential. They still remained the word ‘secret’ in order to sound intimidating.

After got back from Eazzville, Igor and Ivan were walking by the corridor of the building to meet their boss and report him how was the visiting Eazzville been.

Both Igor and Ivan reached the boss’s room. There was one guy acting as the boss’s secretary. Igor told the guy that he and Ivan need to see the boss. The secretary then pressed the intercom and talked to the boss.

“Okay, you guys are allowed to go in,” said the secretary.

Ivan then opens the door. The room was still dark as it has always been. Ivan and Igor walk slowly to their boss, who sits on the luxurious couch before them.

The boss started to speak. “How’s the Bottle Negotiation in Eazzville going?” His voice is cold and emotionless just as usual.

Ivan and Igor hesitate to say that they have failed the negotiation in the EazzVille Town.

They shoved smoothly at each other because none of them doesn’t want to tell him the truth.

“What!” the boss shouted like a lion growling.

Ivan and Igor were shaking, and tell the boss everything about what happened to them in Eazzville, talking about Lily to be specific.

“That is all you have got from Eazzville?” asked the boss.

“”There is something more,” said Ivan. “We have gone to other houses and places in Eazzville as well. One place that we went to is the Eazzville railway station.”

“What’s the matter with the railway station?” asked the boss again.

“There was a guy, the railway station manager, who seemed to know who we are during our visits,” explained Ivan. “Even worse, our spy the is currently undercover as a citizen in Eazzville told us on the phone that the railway station manager has met up with the Eazzie Gang. Also, we drove past a zebra, one of the Eazzie Gangs on our way to here. The zebra even looked at us suspiciously as we drove past one another.”

“That’s mean you have almost blown your cover! Otherwise, how come can the railway station manager seem to recognise both of you?” shouted the boss. “But wait…Eazzie Gang?”

“Yes, my boss, that the name we call the group of people who initiated the plastic bottles campaign in Eazzville,” said Igor this time.

“Nonetheless, the meeting between the railway manager and the Eazzie Gang could affect us,” said Ivan. “The railway station manager might have told something to the Eazzie Gang that make them become more careful of us! And, what if the zebra from Eazzie Gang could recognise us?”

The boss’s getting up from his couch abruptly and his face became red out of furious.


He smashed at the table heavily.

“We must do something to Eazzville before they can even rise!” he said.

To be continued…