What is Happening in Eazzville? EP.8 – Ransom

Previously on the last episode, Blankar has been kidnapped by the Toxin Paws organisation when she was on the date with Terry..


It’s almost midnight, Terry ran as fast as he can to his car after what had just happened. He needed to go to the police station immediately. While he was on the way, he felt so nervous. He felt like he needs to help his beloved one as fast as he can. Driving to the police station from where he was would gonna make the help much slower. So, he decided to make a phone call to Lieutenant Keta right away…

“What’s the matter, Terry? It’s almost midnight by now,” asked Lieutenant Keta.

“Blankar, she …. she was kidnapped by the Toxin Paws. Where are you, Keta? I need to talk to you,” said Terry.

“Oh goshhhhh, I’m home. Get to my house now!! I’ll wait for you at the front,” said Lieutenant Keta.

Terry hung up the call and kept on driving to Lieutenant Keta’s.

Terry pulled his car over in front of Lieutenant Keta’s house. Lieutenant Keta was already waiting for him at the front of his house. Lieutenant Keta immediately gets into his car.

“This is an outrage, Terry. Tell me what had just happened, scrupulously,” said Lieutenant Keta.

Terry told Lieutenant Keta everything in detail and what the Toxin Paws is demanding for ransom.

“What!? They want all of the fabric for making blankets and clothes for the Eazzville people in exchange for Blankar?” Lieutenant Keta yelled.

“Exactly, we won’t have the supply for the fellow people of Eazzville. Worse than that, the winter is coming!” Terry concerned. “But Blankar is now in danger as well… What should I do?”

“I completely understand your concerns. But Blankar needs our help right now. We will find a way to make the blankets and clothes again,” said Lieutenant Keta. “We need to help Blankar first.”

“Alright! Let’s do this,” said Terry.

“This is serious, my friend, since we have to deal with the Toxin Paws directly this time. We have to see Pol and Lily immediately. And I will also tell my fellow police colleague,” said Lieutenant Keta.

“What about Eddie?” asked Terry.

“Let’s text him what happened and where are we heading to,” replied Lieutenant Keta.

Terry agreed with Lieutenant Keta. He floored to Pol’s place.

“You now get a ticket for speeding,” said Lieutenant Keta.

*          *          *

They have arrived at Pol and Lily’s house. Terry knocked on the door. It was getting so late at the night to have a guest. Lily yawned when she opened the door.

“What’s going on guys? It’s almost 1 a.m. in the morning,” asked Lily.

Pol followed Lily to the front door and asked both Terry and Lieutenant Keta the same question.

“Terrible news! Lily was kidnapped by Toxin Paws,” Terry said.

Pol and Lily tried to calm Terry down. “This is serious! They have no right to do this at all!” Pol said. “What did they asked for? A ransom?”

“Yes! They said we have to give them the fabrics in exchange of Blankar,” said Lieutenant Keta.

“Why would they want the fabrics so much?” Lily wondered.

“I think by doing that, they might benefit their business,” Pol made a point. “Anyway, we cannot leave Blankar with them; we need to trade the fabrics for Blankar. After that, we will think what to do next to save the fellow people of Eazzville for the upcoming winter.

Pol, Lily, Terry, and Lieutenant Keta loaded the fabrics onto the truck.

“What about Eddie, should we wait for him?” asked Terry.

“We don’t have much time!” said Pol.

“Okay then. Oh…, I am so worried about Blankar,” said Terry.

“Don’t worry Terry she’s gonna be alright. We’re going for her,” Lieutenant Keta consoled Terry.

They then left Eazzville to Toxin Paws headquarter.

After driving out of the town for a while, they have arrived at Toxin Paws’ headquarter.


It was a very large headquarter that everyone can see the building from far away labelled ‘Toxin Paws Secret Office”. Security guard retained them at the front gate, one of the guys who got a very large body build walked toward their cars with blazing the flashlight in the cars.

“What’s your business here?” the big security guard asked them.

“You kidnapped my girlfriend, don’t act like you forgot” Terry shout to the guard.

The security guard stared at Terry intensely. Lieutenant Keta didn’t want the conversation to get worse so he jumped right in.

“We have the polyester fabric on our truck. We have it to trade my friend,” Lieutenant Keta butted in.

The security called the boss to report that the Eazzie Gang has arrived.

“Let them in,”  Terry heard this word from the security’s phone. No need to tell Terry to know whose sound is that. It’s the boss. The security guards pointed the empty ground and told them to park our cars at the middle of the space.

“Park your car and then our staff will take fabric and return your friend,” the guard said.


They parked the truck where the security has told them to. It was a very dark empty space in the middle of this headquarter. This place is encompassed with the very high wall all around. There’s only one entrance into this space. All of them sitting inside the cars quietly with no one uttering a single word.

They have waited there for a long period of time which seems strange.

“I think there’s something wrong here, we have to wait for a long time. This is way too long,” Terry started the conversation.

“Easy Terry,” said Lily. Then suddenly the gate close.


The gate, the only entrance to space, suddenly closed right after Lily finished her words.

Terry opened the door to see what was going on and the rest of them did the same thing. The situation was getting weirder. Suddenly, there was a spotlight flashed to their cars from every corner.

One side of the lited up. It seems to be something from the visualizer from the opposite wall. It was the live video from the Toxin Paws’ boss. The video showed the boss but his face was shadowed.


“Finally here we are. Welcome to my place, Eazzie Gang. I’m in charge here. And I’ll tell you what…, YOU’RE TRAPPED”



To be continued…

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