Improve social performance for Better business.

Improve social performance for Better business.

Remember our previous topics – It’s Time to Upgrade Your Merchandise’s Standard ?
Now we take our standard to the next level with “BSCI of amfori”

What are BSCI and Amfori?   

Amfori is an Association of Commerce headquartered in Brussels – Belgium with a strong network of representatives based across 14 countries. They offer members a practical framework and world-class tools to manage the social and environmental performance of members’ supply chains and anticipate future trends.

BSCI stands for “Business Social Compliance Initiative”

Amfori advocates for progressive policy and collaborate with its domestic, European and international partners to achieve social, environmental and economic progress.

Amfori BSCI enables us to become better businesses entrepreneurs by monitoring and improving working conditions in our supply chains. BSCI gives Amfori members the tools to carry out human rights due diligence – identifying and mitigating any risks in supply chains and supporting remedial action.

Fashion Hometex's circular knit factory which produces various company products.

Amfori BSCI helps retailers, importers, brand’s companies and associations from all over the world improve their workers’ lives.

It follows a holistic approach which includes supply chain mapping and early detection, monitoring, remedy, and capacity building to improve social performance in any partnered businesses. This is what we mean by ‘Trade with Purpose’.

Businesses which endorse the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct recognize that improving working conditions in their supply chains is a necessity for the overall resilience and performance of their business. They integrate the social improvement of their supply chain into their organizational objectives

FashionHometex. We protect workers, We protect the business.

We do not only focus just on production quality and innovation but we do concern about Improving performance on Changing Lives quality

These are the Principles of Amfori BSCI and Performance Areas

1. The Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Businesses respect the right of workers to form unions or other kinds of workers’ associations and to engage in collective bargaining.

2. Fair remuneration
Businesses respect the right of workers to receive fair remuneration.

3. Occupational health and safety
Businesses ensure a healthy and safe working environment, assessing risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate or reduce it.

4. Special protection for young workers
Businesses provide special protection to any workers that are not yet adults.

5. No bonded labour
Businesses do not engage in any a form of forced servitude or trafficked or non-voluntary labour.

6. Ethical business behaviour
Businesses do not tolerate any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery.

7. No discrimination
Businesses provide equal opportunities and do not discriminate against workers.

8. Decent working hours
Businesses observe the law regarding hours of work.

9. No child labour
Businesses do not hire any worker below the legal minimum age.

10. No precarious employment
Businesses hire workers on the basis of documented contracts according to the law.

11. Protection of the environment
Businesses take the necessary measures to avoid environmental degradation.

12. Social management system and a cascade effect
Businesses respect the need to have in place a social management system and cascade the values and principles of the Code of Conduct through the supply chain.

13. Workers’ involvement and protection
Businesses respect the right of workers to communicate their grievances through an operational grievance mechanism

Certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that product or service meets the expectations of customers.

For this industries, We seriously think certification is a legal or contractual reliability requirement.
We really take seriously trust and reliability to our customer, That why we decided to join amfori to prove our standard and performance to you.
Wait! not just you but also your customer to the end user too.

We received affirmation from amfori BSCI auditing standard, and it comes to

– Improve the social performance of their supply chain
– Increase efficiency
– Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices
– Improve the resilience of their business to industry and market changes
– Improve our businesses’ reputation by meeting the expectations of customers.

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