Let’s go camping on the perfect springtime

Let’s go camping on the perfect springtime

When it comes to springtime, it always reminds many of us that it is the time to start making a plan to go out and take some fresh air. And the best activities are to go camping among nature.
Spring is full of beautifulness and fascinations. Moreover, it is one of the most conventional temperate seasons of all four.

The reasons mentioned above making spring’s the perfect time for you to go camping. So, let’s prepare your camping equipment for your upcoming weekend adventures.

Still have no ideas what to bring and prepare for camping?
We have some useful recommendations so you can use these tips to get you out of your comfort zone and go to the great outdoors. Get ready, set, go!

Here’s the list of must-carry stuff for camping outdoors.

1. Tent and Footprint

We all do know about the tent, but we might have a doubt about the footprint of a tent. A tent footprint is a groundsheet-like piece of material that sits between your tent and the ground. The main reason for having a tent footprint is to add extra waterproofing to the ground. It also helps to avoid wear and tear to the bottom of the tent and provides another layer of insulation.

2.First Aid Kit and Personal Safety

Your kit can prove invaluable if you or a member of your group suffers from a cut, burn, bee sting or allergic reactions. Make sure your kit is replenished with antiseptics for cuts and scrapes, tweezers, insect repellent, a snakebite kit, pain relievers, and sunscreen. Insect bites and sunburn can make your trip miserable. Provide it to your family’s special needs.

3.Grub Tubs

Take a time to ensure that you have everything you need to feed and serve your family and friends on the trip.
For camping with cooking, you should not forget your grub tub – a big plastic tub with a lid used to store things like:

– Plates and Bowls
– Cutlery
– Cups/Mugs
– Cutting board
– Cook Set (Pots/Pans)
– Dish Towel and Pot Holder
– Aluminum Foil
– Can/Bottle Opener
– Garbage Bags
– Coffee, Fresh Water
– Spices, Instant noodle

Plan ‘B’ Food: When you forget your fuel or your stove, calls it quits. Be sure to have some food items that do not require cooking stashed away. Canned foods like canned tuna, fish, fruit, vegetables, and instant noodle are some good choices.

4.Travel Bedding

Check your sleeping bag and pad, tent, rain fly and tent footprint for holes and tears. Make sure you have all your tent poles and stakes in good shape and condition.

We recommend you to take a carry-on blanket and travel mat-pad with you for outdoor activities like our finest Outdoor products that designed especially for your outdoor activities.

                                   Picnic Mat

                   Travel Blanket 4-in-1 Multifunction

Both Picnic Mat and 4-in-1 Multifunction Travel Blanket are designed for travelling. It comes with the convenient handle so you can take it everywhere and enjoy the soft touching sensation of the fleece texture. Plus, the 4in1 Multifunction Travel Blanket can transform to become Blanket, Hooded Blanket, Pillow, and Bolster. That’s why this deserves to be called as a 4-in-1 multifunction.

Don’t forget to check your sleeping pad. If it’s an inflatable pad, make sure it still holds air. Patch kits are also wonderful for saving money as well

5.Additional Gears

-Bring a flashlight or hand lantern with extra batteries. Nothing is as miserable as finding your way around at night without lights.
-Battery packs for charging your mobile. The capacity of the battery depends on how you use it and your trip member (higher trip member = more charger usages). We highly recommend you to have a volume of the battery at least 20000 mah/person.
-Do research for local emergency numbers. Each country has various different numbers, don’t forget about it.
Remember* 911 is a universal call number for emergency and police that you can use anywhere you are.

Now you are ready to go camping! Enjoy your springtime.